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Molecular Research Solutions


University of Agriculture Faisalabad has been positioned 97th best university worldwide and 20th in Asia for Agricultural sciences. University has earned this honor as per ranking by National Taiwan University (NTU) ranking, 2014. Maintaining its tradition of excellence, responsibility and highest ethical standards in education and research, Department of Biochemistry introduces your new research companion under the auspices of Molecular Research Solutions. Molecular Care and Molecular Research Solutions together have grown to encompass the entire spectrum of life on every level, from individual molecules to the organism and from diagnosis to the medicine. At molecular Care, we also have an ongoing quest to understand dynamics of life with you in terms of Molecular Research Solutions. Now for the first time researchers and scholars can face their challenges with more confidence.

We Care:

The leaders of scientific revolution are here for you to sort out solution of your research problems by using advance instruments and techniques. We can find out sets of genes hidden behind a crowd of tiny creatures and to unlock the script of DNA written in the form of RNA and ultimately develop a computerized portrait of your thoughts. We can knit a whole genome by joining small fragments of gene threads. We also have skills and power to trace the paths of evolution. We are committed to provide our best services in terms of quality, reliability and excellence to help researchers to break through the challenges and dissect the innermost secrets of the cell.

Challenges offered:

We are offering an extensive menu of services to create a competitive hope in your research.

DNA isolation from blood
DNA isolation from plants
DNA isolation from bacteria
DNA isolation from fungi

Total RNA extraction from plants
Complementary DNA (cDNA) synthesis

Nucleic acid quantification

Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR)
Differential Display PCR
Nucleic acid electrophoresis
rotein electrophoresis

SDS PAGE with Commassie staining

SDS PAGE with silver staining
REA PAGE with silver staining

Protein quantification

Gene cloning