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Quality Control (QC) Management at Molecular Care

Quality control has a central importance in any analysis. In our experience, most of the times the researchers do not follow the principles and steps regarding quality control, especially the accuracy is compromised. Validation of even well-known and published methods is a prerequisite for reliability and quality of data.

We, at Molecular Care, have more than fourteen experience of working in analytical labs and handling advanced equipment and procedures. We have expertise in method development and validation. We have been providing guidance to researchers and students for method validation and standardization for various types of analysis including minerals, vitamins, hormones, proteins, amino acids, sugars, organic compounds, enzymes, nucleic acids etc using equipment such as HPLC, GC, amino acid analyzer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, thermocycler, and techniques viz chromatography, electrophoresis, extractions, centrifugations etc.

We address the issues regarding QC management in labs.

such as in-house and external quality controls, precision, accuracy, sensitivity, selectivity and linearity of assays, principles of good lab. practices and validation processes, procedures to follow SOPs etc, and provide guidance/consultancy services to researchers in this area.