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Bioinformatics is an electronic substructure of molecular biology. At Molecular Care we offer Bioinformatics services to ensure you achieve the maximum insight from your wet-lab and in silico experiments and analyses. Our team of highly dedicated and experienced bioinformaticians and molecular biologists can analyze your valuable data using our extensive expertise and knowledge to give you the best results and advise you of the options available to achieve your experimental goals.

We are offering a comprehensive range of data analysis solutions at your doorstep and providing our valued customers with cutting edge technologies to advance the application of genomics and proteomics in their research.

Following services currently we are giving to our customers in Bioinformatics section of Molecular Care:

  • Custom build softwares
  • Database development
  • Genomic data analysis
  • Proteomic data analysis
  • Specific PCR primer designing
  • Docking services
  • Blind Docking of 1000 Molecules
  • Target specific Docking
  • Customized 3D Model generation + Optimization