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Bioinformatics section of Molecular Care is also providing trainings on basic and advanced bioinformatics to researchers, scholars and faculty members. Following areas are covered under basic and advanced trainings on bioinformatics:

Basic Bioinformatics

  • 1.Data Mining
  • 2.BLAST and its Types
  • 3.Multiple Sequence Alignments (MSA)
  • 4.Algorithms of MSA
  • 5.Genomics
  • 6.Proteomics
  • 7.Manipulation of Sequence
  • 8.Primer Designing

Advanced Bioinformatics

  • 1.Phylogenetic Analysis
  • 2.Protein Structure Predictions (2ndary and 3D)
  • 3.Protein 3D Structure Visualization
  • 4.Evaluation and Superimposition of Protein 3D Structures
  • 5.Molecular Docking

For further details, please contact MANAGER TRAININGS of Molecular Care.

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