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The researchers at Molecular Biochemistry Lab. (MBL), organizing lab of the Molecular Care have a vast experience of running and handling projects of multifarious nature in the area of Molecular Biology

Research projects awarded to MBL by different national and international funding agencies

S No. Project Title Sponsering Agency
1. DNA barcoding and biochemical profiling of medicinal plants of Northern and desert areas of Pakistan: Improving socio-economic standard of people of these regions USAID-IFPRI
2. Bioactive genes and peptides/proteins from medicinal plants. Under Pak-US program in collaboration with Donald Danforth Plant Science Centre, Missouri, USA. Pak-US Science and Technology Program
3. Isolation, cloning and expression of novel antimicrobial genes from medicinal plants. Higher Education Commission
4. Studies on poly(A) site strength and interaction of 3'-end processing of mRNA to transcription for understanding the mechanism of gene regulation in eukaryotic systems. Higher Education Commission
5. Purfication, characterization and hyperexpression of antifungal proteins/peptides from potential medicinal plants. IFS (International Foundation for Science), Sweden
6. Purification and characterization of antifungal peptides/proteins from potential medicinal plants and construction of cDNA libraries for hyperexpression. Higher Education Commission
7. Pilot scale production, purification and characterization of xylanase from hyper-expressed mutant of Chaetomium thermophile. Higher Education Commission
8. Strengthening of education and research in the Dept. of Life Sciences at University. National Core Group in Life Sciences, Higher Education Commission
9. Hyperexpression of lysine and transfer of cellulase genes in Brevibacterium flavum for recycling of agro-industrial wastes. Pakistan Science Foundation

PhD projects completed in MBL:

S No. Thesis Title Scholar
1. Bioactivity based proteomics of selected medicinal plants for drug discovery Awais Altaf
2. Biochemical profiling of medicinal plants and bioinformatics of bacterial polyketide synthases in drug discovery perspective Ghulam Mustafa
3. Molecular studies on plant based cyclotides for protein-protein interaction Zahid Mushtaq
4. Comparative peptidomic profiling of cationic peptides from Solanum lycopersicum under saline stress Naiza Kanwal
5. Bioactive potential of fungus induced peptides and isolation of antimicrobial genes from Riccinis communis Raheela Jabeen
6. Antimicrobial and anticancer potential of fungus induced peptides and isolation of related genes from Psoralea corylifolia Shumaila Khan
7. Bioactive potential of Fungus induced Silybum marianum seedlings and isolation of antimicrobial genes Sumaira Kousar
8. Molecular interaction and gene expression pattern of CPSF subunits and differential display analysis under fungal induction in tomato Saba Riaz
9. Studies on regulation of intronic polyadenylation by RNA helicase p68/DDX5 and U1snRNP in MCF7 cell line Sumera Shaheen
10. Biochemical and gene expression profiling of Nigella sativa L. under salt and fungal stress Sadia Falak
11. Purification and characterization of proteins important for homologous recombination in eukaryotes Rana Salman Anjum
12. Marker-trait association for drought tolerance in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum) germplasm M Javid Iqbal
13. Heterologous expression and characterization of a cellulose-degrading enzyme from Bacillus species Muddassar Zafar
14. Expression profiling of differentially expressed genes in oilseed crops canola and sunflower under salt stress Mubashra Sadia
15. Cloning and expression studies of Trichoderma glycosyl hydrolase genes Nighat Aslam
16. Expression and characterization of xylanases from Trichoderma harzianum and an anaerobic bacterium Sibtain Ahmad
17. Purification and characterization of bioactive peptides/proteins from medicinal plants Muhammad Shahid
18. Molecular cloning, overexpression and characterization of endoglucanase from Chaetomium thermophile Saima Naim

MSc - projects completed in MBL (view)

MPhil projects completed in MBL (view)