Conference Tracks

The abstracts should be submitted via email to the relevant track:

Tracks Topic Members* Email of focal person
Track 1 Clinico-Medical and
Prof. Khalil ur Rehman (FP)
Dr. Fatma Hussain
Dr. Kashif Jilani
Track 2 Molecular Biology,
Genetic Engineering
and Bioinformatics
Prof. Amer Jamil (FP)
Dr. Aftab Ahmed
Mr. Zahid Mushtaq
Track 3 Industrial Biotechnology/
Biomaterials and
Prof. Muhammad Asgher (FP)
Dr. Muhammad Anjum Zia
Dr. M. Javed Asad
Track 4 Food, Nutritional and
health Biochemistry
Prof. Tahira Iqbal (FP)
Dr. Muhammad Shahid
Dr. Yasser Saleem
Track 5 Bioanalytical, Biophysical,
Bioorganic and
Environmental Chemistry
Prof. Haq Nawaz Bhatti (FP)
Dr. Raziya Nadeem
Dr. Shoukat Ali

*FP= Focal Person