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1st MolCare WORKSHOP ON "BIOSAFETY Importance and Risk Assessments"

Protect Yourself! Learn the Essentials of Biosafety before entering in Practical/ Research Lab

8TH April, 2017


In the present era of Natural and human-made biological emergencies, from bioterrorism to pandemic diseases, it is essential that laboratories be safe and secure. This training will identify key concerns of laboratory biosafety, focusing on practices in a BSL-2 environment, proper use of personal protection equipment (PPE), biological safety cabinets (BSCs), and conducting risk assessments. You will also learn how to conduct vulnerability assessments and develop a good biosecurity plan. Finally, through the demonstrative activities, you will be able to apply these principles and concepts to your research laboratory.


At the end of this training, the participants will be able to

1- Understand need of biosafety

2- Make biosafety plans in their labs

3- Use personal protection equipment (PPE)

4- Manage biohazard proper disposal

5- Explain the risk assessments related to biosafety

Who should attend:

Students, researchers, managers, lab workers and faculty members of Biochemistry, Zoology, Botany, Veterinary, Pathology, Microbiology, Entomology etc. It is also suitable for persons who supervise biosafety professionals.


Registration Fee: 500 Rupees only

Register at:

Registration closes on: 3rd April, 2017

  • If you have difficulty with the online registration process, please email or call 0333-1929859.
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